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Our Story​

Talad was established in 2018 to enable all parties within the agricultural sector to connect with each other. The Talad App helps farmers to find and hire farm workers with and without machinery. Additionally, it allows both parties to buy & sell agricultural related products as also to hire mechanics who can fix their machinery. Through the direct connection of all parties, inefficient and polluting techniques in farm management are eliminated.


Talad is a Thai word that means “a market” or “a place where people connect”. It is depicted by the connected lines on our logo. These lines create a leaf, which stands for fertility and growth – indicating our commitment to uplifting the world’s farming communities. Currently we are operating in the Kingdom of Thailand.

Manop Thapana

Co-Founder & COO


Connect all parties of the agricultural ecosystem.


Increase productivity and provide access for farmers to the global agricultural industry.

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