Sawasdee Krub!!

Talad App - October 10, 2019
Farm Worker, Farmer, Marketplace, Mechanic

Welcome to the “TALAD Channel” where everyone can learn about farming related topics. We are happy that you came by to our blog! This blog is for everyone who is interested in farming topics, agricultural machineries or the latest trends and techniques in farming. You can learn how to grow crops and animals, learn more about new agricultural market trends, techniques or new agricultural equipment. With this information, you can improve your productivity, your income and make yourself ready for the future.

This year has been a very successful year for TALAD APP and we are proud to announce that over 70,000 farmers, farm workers and mechanics have downloaded the TALAD APP. Our aim is to connect everyone in the agricultural sector and helping Thai farmers to increase their productivity, reduce their production costs and increase their income. We are delighted to encourage everyone who is working in the agricultural sector to join us by sharing your knowledge and your knowhow. Together we can make Thai farming sector the strong!

Enjoy your study!!


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