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How it Works:

  • Create an Account

    Download the Talad App from Google Play or App Store.
    Click “Register” and fill in your personal data. Then click “Continue”.

  • Verify Your Account

    Click “Your Services”.
    Click “Mechanic Services”
    Click “Verify via SMS”. Wait until your account has been verified.

  • Input Your Services & Serving Distance

    Select the brand(s) of machinery that you can fix.
    Select the type(s) of machinery that you can provide services for.
    Select the repair(s) that you can do.
    Put in the distance how far away from your home you want to offer your services for your customers.

  • Input Additional Info

    Put in your profile picture.
    Put in additional information about what services you provide and how customers can reach you.
    Put in pictures of the tools that you use and of your repair shop.

  • Sign Up Completed

    Your mechanic account has been set up! Customers nearby can now hire you through the Talad App.

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It is 100% free to create an account and get hired from customers.

To add more services, click “Your Services” on the Homepage, then click “Mechanic Services.” Select the machinery brand(s), type(s),  and service(s) that you want to add. After that, click “Finish.”

The reason why you don´t get booked can be diverse. These are the main reasons why customers don´t book you:
1) The pictures that you have put into your account are not appealing to your potential customers.
2) You haven´t put in all your tool pictures into your account. Hence, the customer doesn´t know if you own the proper machinery to perform your services.
3) The prices for your services are too high.
4) Your profile picture is missing so the customer thinks your account is not trustworthy.
5) There is just no demand for your service right now. Don´t worry just wait until the first customer contacts you.
6) There have not yet signed up a lot of customers in your region. You can increase your service radius so more customers can search for you.
7) You can also search for new customers under “Nearby Friends”.